Understanding No credit check mobile phones

No doubt, the unveiling of no credit check mobile phones was a welcome relief to thousands of UK residents with bad credit who from time immemorial had borne the brunt of one rejection after the other. It was a moment for celebration and scores of UK individuals with a poor credit rating breathed a sigh of relief. At last, a phone contract fully designed for those with a poor credit rating had been unveiled and with it, a change in the course of the mobile phone contracting industry. What was once dreaded in the name of credit checks became nothing more than a ceremonial undertaking.

Providers offering no credit check mobile phones gave little or no attention to a person’s credit rating while applying for a mobile phone contract. Individuals could now make applications and have the assurance of approval which was a far cry to the dark days where they had to cross their fingers and hope for the best. At last, repairing credit rating for individuals with a history of court county judgements was not a long shot but rather a possibility. It was, in retrospect, the start of a new dawn.

What are no credit check mobile phones?

When we talk about no credit check mobile phones, we are simply alluding to a special mobile phone contract specifically designed for individuals whose credit rating is below average or rather completely in tatters. Such individuals can apply for this kind of contract without having to worry that their credit score will rear its ugly head and deny them an opportunity to get and use a mobile phone. The eligibility criteria for this type of phone contract is quite simple and basic. For one, a person needs to be residing in the UK, show proof of citizenship, be in employment or rather show proof that they receive an income on a regular basis and last but not least, be an adult and not a minor below the age of 18 years.

Are there alternatives to no credit check mobile phones?

Bad credit individuals are not limited to only no credit check mobile phones. In fact, there are a number of alternatives and those with a poor credit rating are free to choose one based on their tastes, budgets as well as preferences. In essence, if you have a poor credit rating, you can apply for a guaranteed mobile phone contract or even a bad credit mobile phone contract. The onus is on you to compare the different bad credit mobile contracts and choose one that best appeals to you in terms of affordability and the deals being offered.

Of what benefit is a no credit check mobile phone contract?

While some have reservations about no credit check mobile phones, the reality of the matter is that if utilised well, no credit checks have immense benefits. For one, it accords individuals with bad credit an opportunity to repair their credit score. Of course, this is pegged on timely repayments over a period of time. Secondly, individuals with no prior credit history can also take advantage of no credit check mobile phones to build their credit report from scratch.