sHow to get approved for a phone contract with no credit checks

Around 20 years ago, no one could fathom that mobile phones would transform to be the gadgets that they are today. When mobile phones first came into the market, they were mostly gadgets of convenience and were more or less a status product. Back then, they were a preserve of the affluent and a fashion making a statement so to speak. Their functions were also limited to making calls and sending text messages. In addition to that, they were bulky and a far cry from the magnificent pieces of technology we enjoy in the contemporary society. Fast forward to today and mobile phones are by far and wide, an extension of ourselves.

They are not only our phones but they are also our mini computers, watches, cameras, game console and alarm clocks just to mention but a few. Unfortunately, applying for a phone under a contract isn’t exactly a walk in the park. With the insistence on having a perfect credit, a lot of people miss out on a mobile phone contract of their choice. However, individuals with a poor credit rating need not lose hope. While there are a couple of bad credit mobile phone contracts, you can still apply and get approved for a standard mobile phone contract with no credit check. How do you go about it?

Go prepaid

Prepaid mobile phone plans do not in any way require credit checks. I mean, credit checks would serve no purpose as a person is pre-paying for the service. In other words, you pay the required amount in advance before you start enjoying the service.

Pay upfront deposit

If you have a poor credit rating, one of the guaranteed ways of getting approved for a phone contract without worrying about credit checks is simply paying a substantial amount of money upfront as a security deposit. Providers tend to approve your application if you take the necessary steps to mitigate risks on their side. In addition to that, provided that you are diligent in making monthly payments and your account has no outstanding issues at the expiry of your contract, you will get a full refund of your deposit.

Look for a co-signer

You can get approved for a mobile phone contract when you have bad credit so long as you have a willing co-signer with a good credit rating. The co-signer basically agrees to step in and make monthly repayments should you be unable to do it yourself. If you are therefore struggling with a poor credit rating, getting a co-signer with an excellent credit history should enable you to get approved for a phone contract without any hassles.