How do I go about the process of applying for your no credit check mobile phone?

Applying for our no credit check mobile phones are simple. Basically, you can make an application online through our website and fax us all the required documentation. Alternatively, you can physically visit our offices where one of our representatives will guide you through the application process.

Are there really “no credit checks” when applying for no credit check mobile phones?

What we can tell you is that you need not worry if you have a history of court county judgements (CCJs) or defaults when you apply for our no credit check mobile phones. Irrespective of how poor your credit rating is, you can rest assured of approval. The law stipulates that mobile phone contract providers must carry out credit checks prior to approval. However, as regards no credit check mobile phones, the checks are ceremonial so to speak and have no impact on the ultimate decision to approve or deny someone a phone contract.

I need the phone as fast as practically possible. What is the standard waiting period?

At PlaySport Phones, we like to say that the waiting period before you receive the phone of your choice is dependent on you. Our team is efficient and endeavours to approve applications within hours. If you furnish us with everything we need, you can get your phone anywhere between 6 and 24 hours. Delaying on your part means you will wait longer before you receive your phone.

I want the latest iPhone 7. Is it possible?

Considering the fact that no credit check mobile phones don’t take into account a person’s credit score status, getting approved for the latest high-end phone is not a guarantee. It simply does not make business sense to us as the risk is too high. However, this does not mean that you can’t apply and get approved for one. There is just one condition – you need to pay a substantial amount upfront as a deposit before we can approve your application.

Do you also offer refurbished phones or is it only brand new phones?

Well, we understand that people have different tastes, budgets as well as preferences. There are those who want a brand new mobile phone while there are those who are contented with a refurbished phone. You need not worry as we have mobile deals for everyone both brand new and refurbished.

Can I upgrade my no credit check mobile phone?

The upgrade option is available upon review of your account after a couple of months. What we look for before allowing you to upgrade is how diligent you have been in making repayments. Customers who never miss their payments stand a greater chance of upgrading to a better deal than they have currently.

Do you charge any fees or penalise someone for early repayment?

We understand that there are providers in the UK that charge customers or apply penalties for early repayment. However, that is not the case with us. We encourage you to clear your instalments the soonest possible. It improves your chances of getting a better deal not to mention positively impacting your credit rating.

Do I qualify for any promotions you run?

Every once in a while, we run promotions as a way of appreciating our customers. All our customers are eligible to win great prizes irrespective of whether they are under a standard or no credit check mobile phone contract. You stand a chance of winning PlayStation 4, data bundle, free minutes and mobile phones monthly just to mention but a few.