About us

To say that we are not passionate about assisting bad credit laden individuals to get approved for a mobile phone would be an understatement. That is all we are concerned about as PlaySport Phones. Our core aim as a top tier mobile phone contract provider is to assist people suffering from a poor credit rating avail a phone contract. Our decision to start offering no credit check mobile phones was informed by the need to respond to a vacuum that was inherent in the UK market a couple of years ago. We wanted to offer a product that would bring about equality and make those suffering from bad credit feel equal with those having an excellent credit score.

Over the years, we have been true to our promise and have been able to come to the rescue of thousands of UK individuals who in the past had faced numerous rejections when applying for a contract phone. Our customers have the leeway to choose a mobile phone of their choice as well as a package that best suits them based on their phone usage. We promise you unrivalled professional advice to enable you to make the right decision.

In addition to that, our customer personnel are highly trained in handling customer grievances and therefore you can expect your issues will be resolved professionally to their logical conclusion. We do not mislead our customers and we endeavour to disclose everything there is about our no credit check mobile phones so that our customers can make the best decision.