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Believe it or not, there was a time when availing a phone contract if you had bad credit was akin to climbing a steep mountain. Not only was it daunting but an applicant had no guarantee of approval. If anything, applicants hoped for the best and prepared for the worst. Times have changed and the introduction of no credit check mobile phones have made availing of mobile phone contracts easy to scores of UK citizens struggling with bad credit. At PlaySport Phones, we feel your pain, empathise with your situation and do everything within our power to ensure that we make your experience applying for a no check mobile phone as hassle free as possible.

Our entry into the mobile phone contracting industry was informed by the need to give individuals with a poor credit rating a second chance at redemption. We couldn’t understand why a clique of individuals would be treated differently when it came to mobile phone contracts simply because their credit rating was below average. We therefore, dared to dream, and started offering no credit check mobile phones that has over the years steadily risen through the ranks to become one of the most respected and reliable mobile phone providers in the UK.

We believe in equal opportunities and do everything within our means to ensure that our customers not only get the best deals possible but also that they are satisfied with the services we offer. Unlike our competitors, we are not all about closing deals but rather go the extra mile to ensure that our customers understand every aspect of their no credit check mobile phone deal. We don’t put the cards close to our chests but rather put everything on the table so that our customers can make an informed decision. Transparency is one of our strongest areas and this explains why over the years we have become the no credit check mobile phone provider of choice to thousands of individuals residing within the UK.

At PlaySports, you can apply for our mobile phone contracts with peace of mind that you won’t be subjected to credit checks. Well, credit checks are mandatory but we give you the assurance that the results have no impact on the decision to approve or deny an application. We endeavour to educate, enlighten and create awareness on the need for individuals with a poor credit rating to take necessary measures to improve their credit score. While our mobile phone contracts are designed for those with a below average credit score, our happiness is in seeing our customers take proper measures to improve their credit rating. We also take measures to help our customers make prudent financial decisions and that is why we have been liaising with industry leading partners such as Money advice over the years.

Our representatives are always open to questions regarding no credit check mobile phones as well as eligibility criteria. Basically, if you reside within the United Kingdom, can provide us with proof of regular income and you are a person of legal age, you qualify to be considered for a no credit check mobile phone, your credit rating notwithstanding. Detailed information regarding the different deals available as well as the pricing and benefits can be found at Phones World.


We understand that our customers wish to start using their mobile phones as soon as possible and that is why we have put in place mechanisms to ensure that we approve all applications we receive within the shortest period of time. Provided you are eligible and provide us with all the needed documentation, approval is anywhere between 12 and 24 hours! Try us today!